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The terms and conditions stated underneath regulate the way you use our website. By making use of our site, you give your consent to these terms and conditions completely. In case you don’t agree with any portion of these stipulations, kindly refrain from using our website.  

Intellectual Property Rights

If not otherwise mentioned clearly, we or our licensors possess the rights to intellectual properties in the website and matter on this site (scriptgalore.com). Subject to the licence underneath, each and every intellectual property right is reserved.   

Licence to utilize the website ScriptGalore.com

You may take a look or download for the sole intention of caching and printing webpages or other content from the website for your own private usage, conditional on the limitations beneath. 

You should not:

  1. Republish content from this site that includes republishing on a different website also;
  2. Sell, lease or other than sub-license matter on the site;
  3. Recreate, replicate, copy or else manipulate material on our site for a commercial intention;
  4. Revise or else alter any matter on the site; or
  5. Redistribute matter from this site (excluding content that is particularly and explicitly stated to be redistributed, for example our newsletter).

[Where the material is intended to be redistributed, it might solely be redistributed inside your business niche]

Restrictions of liability

We provide information through this website free of cost and you accept that it would be unfair to hold us legally responsible with regard to this website and the information supplied by this site.         

While we strive to make sure that the information on this site is right, we don’t guarantee its wholeness or preciseness; nor do we entrust to ascertain that the site continues to be available or that the content on the website is kept updated.

To the utmost degree allowed by the pertinent law, we keep out all guarantees, representations and terms (including, with no restriction, the terms entailed by law of acceptable quality, suitability for purpose and the application of due care and ability).  

Our obligation is confined and omitted to the utmost level allowed under the relevant law. We won’t be held accountable for any direct or indirect harm or loss originating under these terms and conditions or in association with our site, whether cropping up in civil wrongdoing, legal agreement or anything else. Without restricting the generalization of the preceding exception, we won’t be held accountable for any loss of net income, agreements, reputation of a business, information, revenue or expected savings originating under terms and conditions or in association with our site, be it direct or indirect, and be it originating in civil wrongdoing, agreement or anything else. Nor do we make any assurances that you will earn the amount of money stated in our ads; these are only likely profits that a site owner can generate and it is the responsibility of the site owner to make the site capable of generating a profit.    

Nevertheless, there is nothing in these terms that will omit or restrict our obligation for scams, for demise or personal injury brought forth by our carelessness, or for any other obligation that can’t be omitted or restricted under pertinent law.     

Members Area/Feedback/Blog/Bulletin Board

You should not make use of our site in any means that induces or may induce harm to the website or damage to the accessibility of the site. 

You should not make use of our site in any means which is illegitimate, improper, deceitful or destructive, or in relation with any illegitimate, improper, deceitful or destructive intention or action.

You should not utilize our site for any intentions connected with marketing without our explicit written permission.    

You should not utilize our site to duplicate, print or send mails in huge quantities or spam.

You should not make use of our site to duplicate, print or send content which is illegitimate or illegal, or content which might bring forth legal proceedings under pertinent law. Every bit of information you duplicate, print or send through our site should not be offensive, obscene, impolite, intolerable, biased or provocative; such content should not encroach any individual’s rights to intellectual property or rights of self-assurance, infringe upon any individual’s confidentiality, or form provocation to do a criminal offence. In addition, content should not be deceptive, sexually denotative, intimidating, insulting or distressing.    

We set aside the right to modify or take away any content available on our site, ScriptGalore.com.

We might carry out such activity since we think it apposite to handle the submission of unacceptable content, such as debarring or cancelling your account, limiting your entry to our site, or starting legal actions against you. 

With regard to matter that you submit on our site, you permit us a universal, irreversible, non-unique and royalty-free permission to use, recreate, modify, print, translate and circulate such matter in any communication channel, in conjunction with the right to sub-licence such rights.    

Correctness of Information

Although we attempt to make sure that all the information presented on the site is accurate, we won’t be liable for any faults or exclusions. In case any inaccuracy in the content on the website is brought to our notice, we will rectify this as soon as possible. Pricing, specifications, product description and availability might alter at any moment with no further notice.     

Account and password

It is your duty to maintain the privacy of your account and password and to prohibit access to your system. You give your consent to assume accountability for all actions that take place under your account and password.

Alterations in Terms and Conditions

We may modify our terms and conditions now and then. Kindly verify this section at regular intervals to ascertain you are acquainted with the latest version.

Whole Agreement

These terms and conditions in combination with our privacy policy make up the whole agreement between you and us with respect to your usage of our site and take the place of all preceding agreements with regard to your usage of this site.

Law and Jurisdiction

In case any portion of the Terms will be considered illegal, invalid or for any grounds not enforceable, then that condition will be viewed as separable from these Terms and will not have an effect upon the legality and enforceability of the rest of the conditions of the Terms. These terms and conditions will be regulated by and interpreted according to the Indian Law and any conflicts regarding these stipulations shall be subject to the sole jurisdiction of the courts of District Court, Bhubaneswar, India.   

Web Hosting Conditions

In the event you don’t succeed in renewing your web hosting plan with us when it is due for renewal inside a 30-day deadline, then we accept without verification that you no more require your website and your site gets removed from our servers.   

Refund Policy

Since we sell digital and downloadable items, no refunds of any kind will be entertained as soon as we hand over the website or script to you. Nevertheless, we will feel satisfied to help you if there are any troubles found with any of the sites or scripts you buy from us.

Requests for Customer Support

Our customer support department is accessible from 12 PM to 10 PM on all 7 days of a week, so you must obtain assistance during these periods for your online businesses.

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